Winged Sandals?

Let’s take this back to the peak of my adolescence when I discovered this big yellow book called “D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths”. The book itself was originally published in 1962 but the bright illustrations, witty stories, and lores of another time had me instantly hooked. This is precisely when my obsession with Greek Mythology (and reading) took off and it shaped my life in innumerable ways which I couldn’t possibly identify all at once.

The Winged Sandals of the Greek God Hermes were sandals gifted to him by Zeus, the ruler of the Olympian Gods. They were emblazoned with gold wings that took Hermes to any destination simply by the mere act of thinking of it. He was the god of shepherds, travelers, thieves and all others who lived by their wits.

Imagine being 8 years old and discovering an entire world of mythology with the most inspirational and motivating characters. I can relate to each of the gods and goddesses in their respective natures but at this point in my life, the idea for Winged Sandals came to me in a sudden haste. I feel as if my life is slipping away and I’m not experiencing it fast enough. There’s so much of the world to explore and see but so little time. We’re told what to do as soon as we are born and we remain stagnant in the same location for the next 80 years till we die. I refuse to live my life that way and I refuse to settle for mediocre.

“I am starving for a fight, and I’ve got
winged sandals to steady me.”

– Ashe Vernon